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(This opinion letter in response to a previous opinion letter was published in local newspaper on May 12, 2016 under title ‘Lies and Ignorance’.   The premise of the first opinion letter was that there is no science that proves homosexuality and God views homosexuality as a sin.  Since there is a limit to words that can be published, additional comments have been added here in italics.)

Regarding local newspaper opinion letter, May 5, 2016 “Newspaper promotes the lie”, there are lies and there is ignorance.

During biblical times, there were no instruments such as CAT Scans and MRIs.  In modern times use of these instruments has shown that lesbian brains are more like male heterosexual brains.  Homosexual male brains are more like heterosexual female brains. The level of testosterone also has an impact on how sex of fetus will be determined during human fetal maturation.

There are many examples where sex determination goes awry, for example, Hermaphroditism where there are both male and female parts in one individual, fish being almost equal in female and male sex upstream in Lethbridge, but more female fish downstream, male fetuses being aborted in Sarnia, Ontario industrial area, and so on.  In this beautiful province, Red Deer has had decidedly poor air quality over several years.  Who knows what impact this has on fetal development?  (“ What Science Knows About Homosexuality” is an excellent reference on this subject-including interesting piece of , information, every fetus starts out as female and then becomes male or remains female depending on level of testosterone during fetal maturation-added Sept. 15/16).  Add link

The writer states:  “I think God has an edge on over all of us”.  Yes, He does, but He also requires us to use our critical thinking skills and smarts to come to correct instead of ignorant and erroneous statements.

The writer states his views are supported by science, yet he does not give one example from science.  He does correctly state that the LGBT community has affected society.  Absolutely it has.  One example is financial.  The female pairing of the LGBT community may financially mean female paired couples will earn less than male paired couples because women are still consistently paid less than men for equal jobs.  This may result in more poverty for female paired couples and families.   This is possibly exacerbated by God-fearing, right winged non-union business persons who seem to have no problem with paying women less for equal  work.  ‘Financial fairness for singles’ may also be impacted as married and coupled persons continually get more financial benefits regardless of sexual orientation than singles, heterosexual or LGBTQ.

An indelible statement made by a LGBTQ person is reproduced here. “Why would anyone choose to be gay?  To have to live your life with prejudice, hatred and discriminatory practices is not how anyone would choose to live”.  In the eyes of God, everyone is equal regardless of sexual orientation.

By the way,  this article is written by a God-fearing heterosexual.

(Additional comment:  When the religious community makes statement that God says homosexuality is a sin, they forget to mention that adultery is mentioned with same equality as homosexuality as a sin.  In fact, adultery is one of the Ten Commandments – Thou shalt not commit adultery.  When homosexuality is discussed, adultery needs to be discussed at the same level and same veracity as homosexuality.)

This blog is of a general nature about financial discrimination of individuals/singles.  It is not intended to provide personal or financial advice.

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