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(In the Calgary Herald January 10, 2014 Kathleen Parker published an editorial letter called ‘Spouses are foot soldiers in war on poverty’. The following article was sent to the Calgary Herald as a response to this letter but was never published. Parker’s opinion can be viewed online at Kathleen Parker, Jewish World Review, January 15, 2014 ‘The War on Poverty’s secret weapon’. (kathleen/parker.archives.asp)

RE: Opinion by Kathleen Parker – Spouses are foot soldiers in war on poverty, Calgary Herald, January 10, 2014

It is mind bending and insulting on how governments, society and media continue to discriminate against singles and promote the marriage myth as an answer to poverty. This article is offensive to singles who are divorced, separated because of violent abusive marriages or widowed.

For the reporter who states that some fall into poverty simply because of luck and devaluation of the old idea that marriage is good for everyone, here is a completely new idea. Singles are poor because they are financially discriminated against every day of their lives.

The state of being unmarried as one of the highest single factors for poverty is only because government, society and media choose to keep singles in financial poverty while married people are given financial manna benefits from date of marriage until date of death.

One very good example among many is pension plans. Singles are told they don’t need the same financial amount to live as married people, but are forced to overpay at least three times for their pensions by paying more taxes than married people, forced to support survivor benefits because spouses have not paid extra for survivor benefits, and on pension withdrawal again pay more taxes, and cannot pension split. Survivors become ‘single’ when spouses decease, so why do they need survivor benefits?

Simple exercises taking financial information for singles versus married people (i.e. the Financial Post Personal Financial Evaluations in the Calgary Herald) further show the devastation of financial discrimination against Canadian singles. Information analysis supports the general rule that married people win every time because government and society have made it so.

‘Marrying for money pays off’  (researchnews.osu.) and ‘High Price of Being Single in America’ (high-price-of-being-single-in-america) further support the cornucopia of perks, privileges and benefits available exclusively to married people in Canada and the USA, countries that are supposedly more advanced and civilized in eliminating discrimination.

It is time to let singles as humans (and in their humanity equal to married people) rather than marital status be their qualification for basic dignities such as financial and social well-being. How about financial fairness for all regardless of marital status as a solution to poverty?

The blog posted here is of a general nature about financial discrimination of individuals/singles. It is not intended to provide personal or financial advice.

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